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Luttsy and Danny: The latest

The latest word from radioland in Brisbane is that David "Luttsy" Lutteral isn't leaving Nova 1069 after all, he just won't be on the breakfast show so much. I hear he also wants to spend time in LA working on his tan or film/TV career (look how well that's turned out for Rove McManus). Also, I've been told that former 4BC stalwart Danny Hoyland - who, as one contributor to this blog noted, "tests" very well with audiences in a certain demographic - will be returning to the airwaves on the weekends, but not on the FM frequency. I wonder if it's in some way connected with Danny's passion for surf lifesaving?

Crossing Over the Bridge

Cocky Balboa, Ita Buttroach, Osama Bin Liner and Sir Roach-a-Lot will be battling it out in the 28th Annual Story Bridge Hotel (Brisbane) Cockroach Races on Australian Day, January 26. It's the highlight of the day's sporting calendar. Oh, and on the subject of slightly creepy things, self-styled psychic John Edward will be at Australia Zoo on January 10. "Is there someone on the other side called Steve? ..."

Sweet as Honey

According to The Village Voice, The Honey Brothers, featuring Adrian Greiner, reference "the country-tinged sensitivity of the Silver Jews, the summery harmonies of the Beach Boys and the zany weirdness of Ween". If that means something to you, you'll probably be excited to know that they are touring Australia for the first time soon, including gigs at Odyseey 09 on the Gold Coast and the Zuri Lounge in Brisbane. More here.

Christmas on the wireless

Brisbane's Radio 4BH882 will be departing from its Best Hits of All Time format on December 24 for "A Very Brisbane Christmas Eve" hosted by Donna Lynch with special guest, the Most Reverend John Bathersby, Archbishop of Brisbane. The program will a traditional presentation of “Yes Virginia – There Is a Santa Claus” read by retired Brisbane radio legend John Knox andBing Crosby’s The Small One. Archbishop Bathersby, who will join the show from 911pm before conducting midnight mass at St Stephen's Cathedral, will reflect on the year past, offer some thoughts for the year ahead and play some of his favourite Christmas carols.
PS: Donna Lynch at BH; Jamie Dunn soon at sister station 4BC. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those two meet in the corridors.

La Boite: Thinking outside the box

Along, I assume, with hundreds of others, I have received an email from David Berthold, the new artistic director of Brisbane's La Boite theatre. Amid other news, and promises of good things to come, it mentions that, as a result of the loss of the company's Australia Council triennial funding, one production scheduled for next year, Debra Oswald’s The Peach Season, won't go ahead. It is to be replaced by a smaller "but not slighter" play to be announced on January 29. I feel for Berthold, who has only been in the chair for a month, but I can't help thinking that the La Boite board has badly mishandled the replacement process for his predecessor, Sean Mee. The company has been well and truly beaten to the pre-Christmas discretionary arts dollar by other companies which announced their 2009 seasons at the usual time. Now, with the deepening recession (which, admittedly, the board could not have foreseen), Berthold really is going to have to pull a few rabbits out of his artistic hat - and hope that a lot of people respond to his email's call for donations. If you've got something left to give, click here.

Extra: Yes, it's Heather

Channel 9 Brisbane has confirmed that recently retired newsreader and proud mum Heather Foord will host Extra next year. Nine Queensland station manager Lee Anderson says in a media release:

"I'm pleased we've been able to juggle our busy daily local production schedule so Heather can remain on air and still be there for her girls. It's a good outcome, and I'm sure our viewers will be happy to see her back – just half an hour earlier than usual!"

Foord replaces Jillian Whiting, who was either "boned" or decided to "spend more time with her family"*, depending on which particular coded language you prefer. Extra will celebrate it 18th birthday in 2009 - that's 17 more than most pundits thought it would last!
* It seems Heather Foord is the rare person in TV land who gets to stay on air and spend more time with her family.

Luttsy: What's the story?

Is Luttsy leaving? Is this the beginning of the end for the Nova 1069 breakfast show? Does this dovetail with the rumour reported at this blog a while ago that the whole team is ready to move on to other things?
Update: According to the well-known expert commentator "Anonymous", Luttsy is joining 4BC. It would certainly make for a very strong breakfast program if Luttsy were slotted in a sporting role alongside Jamie Dunn and his transplanted team from Zinc.

Another serving of Felafel

He Died with A Felafel in his Hand is making a comeback - but not to La Boite, where the comedy based on John Birmingham's novel has had two hilarious seasons. Instead, it will be at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, which has been facing something of a financial crisis in recent times. The idea is to try to attract a younger audience. It runs from March 27 to May 2. Details are, or will be, here.

Emily's on the Ms

After 10 women auditioned, former Nova 106.9 announcer (and blogger) Emily Jade O'Keeffe will be named to replace Sami Lukis on Triple M Brisbane's The Cage breakfast show. In a media release, Triple M boss Richard Barkers says:

"It was obvious from the moment Emily-Jade walked into the studio that she had that indefinable something, a chemistry that you can hear and see. We heard it immediately. Importantly, Emily-Jade brings a great balance and contribution on air as well in the workplace, both of which will grow under the tutelage of Triple M Program Director Rex Morris. She will join three of the best in radio in Ian Skippen, Greg Martin and Greg Sullivan and we welcome her with open arms to the Triple M family."

She will begin on air on January 12.

Missing piece in 9 puzzle

Channel 9 Gold Coast News presenter, Eva Milic will join Andrew Lofthouse in presenting Nine’s Brisbane Weekend News bulletin next year, according to a network media release. The former Miss World Australia holds a bachelors degree in business and a masters degree in journalism. They team replaces former solo reader Melissa Downes, who will be reading the weekday bulletin with Bruce Paige. It seems strange that, in a time of recession that's hit the free-to-air TV industry particularly hard, Nine feels it necessary to replace one person with two. Could it be that at least one of them is "on hold"?

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