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Delta's dawn?

Australian popette Delta Goodrem is, according to this story, the belle of New York. Why, then, am I so cynical about her chances of chart success in the US?

Gold for Silver

Congratulations to Silverchair's Daniel Johns, who was the big winner at the APRA awards. Details here.

Strewth! Rolf Harris honoured

Singer-songwriter Rolf Harris and retired broadcaster John Laws are to be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Harris is, of course, best known in Australia for his 1960s hits Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport and Two Little Boys, and for his version of Stairway to Heavenrecorded for Andrew Denton's The Money or the Gun. In the UK, he's been the host of successful children's, animal and art television programs. Here's a little-known fact: Harris also sings the theme tune for Spuds in Duds, the kids' TV series starring Jamie Dunn and Ian Calder that's screened in Brisbane on Channel 31.

Reality (sound)bites

Sage words from an unlikely celebrity source:

"My personal life is made public to the world, which I find the most frustrating thing but, you know what, as far I'm concerned I sold my soul to the devil. I wanted to be famous, I wanted to do the TV shows, so you take the bad with the good."

Who said it? Kellie Osbourne, who must know that she's leveraging her father's fame and has to be realistic about the intrusions of the paparazzi. She goes on to say: "It does come with the territory but I do think that in this country [Britain] they're a bit extreme. The things they do to get the pictures they want are inappropriate, invasive and dangerous, especially when you're driving and have 25 flashes in your face. What if you hit someone?" And she's right there, too.

Post punk

There ain't no age for rock'n'roll! Proof here.

AC/DC exclusive

There's a bar in Shanghai that seems to play nothing but AC/DC songs, particularly the very old Bon Scott classics. Now, there'll be something new to play - as long as the club's procurer gets along to Wal-Mart, that is. In was seems like a very un-rock'n'roll move to me, the Aussie rockers are releasing their new album exclusively through the American discount chain. The band's music is not even available on iTunes.

Farewell, Bo Diddley

Rock pioneer Bo Diddley has died. There's more here and here, and some video of him in action below:

Weller on his way

I didn't know this when I posted these videos a few days ago, but Paul Weller will be playing Australia in August - including a date at the Tivoli in Brisbane on August 23. As far as I can remember, it will be the former frontman of The Jam's first gig in the Queensland capital. He toured Australia with The Style Council many moons ago, but Brisbane was not on the itinerary - despite a spirited campaign run in the now-defunct Daily Sun. From memory, one reason given was that Weller was a white-knuckle flyer who did as little of it as possible.
Weller's full Australian itinerary is: Aug 13 Challenge Stadium; 15 Adelaide Thebarton Theatre; 16 Melbourne Forum; 19 Sydney Enmore Theatre; 23 The Tivoli.

Go see Rowe

Does it get any better than this? Normie Rowe at Broncos Leagues Club; one show only on August 16. Details here.

Changing man

For no real reason, apart from the fact that it's relatively new, here's the video of Paul Weller's latest single, Have You Made Up Your Mind? Compare and contrast with what Weller was up to 31 years ago with The Jam and In the City.

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