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Cliff and miss

Cliff Richard has missed out in his quest to have No. 1 records for six decades in a row. His latest song, Thank You For a Lifetime, only got to No.3, behind Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire and Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl. But, as the man himself says, "I've had number ones in five decades. Who's going to do that?" Not the Kings of Leon or Katy Perry ...

Wrong man for the Jobs

Kanye West - a.k.a. Mr Angry - has been pictured in Hawaii with his his Macbook computer. Given West's outburst at the LA airport, where he allegedly assaulted a camerman, surely this is the kind of publicity supercool Apple computer dude Steve Jobs and his company could do without.

Osmonds' second chance

Donnie and Marie Osmond are being offered another shot at fame via a US TV special called Rediscovered. The idea behind the show is to give former child stars a second chance at the big times. Sounds marginally better than Idol, but that's not saying much.

Waiting for the Time Lord

There's a picture in London's Metro newspaper of violinist Nigel Kennedy outside a police box promoting a musical event called the "Doctor Who Proms". Anybody who has ever been in the audience of a Kennedy concert would wish they had Tardis of their own to fast-forward to the point, 20 or 30 minutes in the future, when he deigns to come on stage or return after interval.

Kylie's cash bonus

Kylie Minogue is reportedly receiving 2 million pounds (that's more than A$4million) to sing a one-hour set at the opening of a ritzy resort in Dubai. Is anybody worth that much?

Gimme little more sign

They may not be Posh and Becks, but Australian-raised two-or-three-hit wonder Peter Andre and his wife, former Page 3 girl Katie "Jordan" Price, are having more than their 15 minutes of fame here in the UK. You may have to wait to see it in Australia, so here's a link to the web page promoting their new series.

Our richest stars

The Wiggles are once again Australian showbiz's top earners, according to BRW magazine. The kids' entertainers grossed $45 million in 2007-08. Of course, they have to share that among themselves. Better off financially, I suppose, is the No. 2 earner Kylie Minogue with $40 million to herself. The list also includes Russell Crowe ($36m), Hugh Jackman ($25m), Hi-5 ($18m), Cate Blanchett ($14m), Keith Urban (only $12.3m, and with a new mouth to feed!), AC/DC ($12m, but the release of their new album guarantees next year will be better), filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell ( $8.8m) and actor and football fan Anthony LaPaglia (a mere $8m). It's a lot of money for work that doesn't involve rocket science or heavy lifting.

Not a fan?

It's probably everywhere on the Net already, but if you've not seen it, here's the YouTube footage of Oasis songwriter/guitarist Noel Gallagher being attacked on stage at a concert in Canada. I can't imagine why the guy did it. Maybe he mistook Noel for his brother Liam. The story is here.

Schumann to sing for Diggers

Without a doubt, I Was Only 19 (or A Walk in the Light Green to give it its original title) is one of the great Australian anthems. But the fact that the song, about a young man's experiences in Vietnam and afterwards, has been labelled "anti-war" has prevented its composer, former Redgum frontman John Schumann, being invited to entertain Australian troops overseas. That's about to change. After two years of requests to the Defence Department, Schumman has the blessing of the RSL and will be included on the list of performers to visit either the Middle East or East Timor.
PS: Here's my most recent interview with Schumann.
Trivia: Yesterday saw the Liberal Party narrowly win the by-election in Mayo, the South Australian seat vacated by former Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer. Schumann, who almost won Mayo for the Democrats in the 1998 election, told me that he'd declined an invitation from Kevin Rudd to stand for Labor at last year's federal election because he wouldn't be able to toe the party's line.

Pop goes the paper

Here in London, today's Daily Mail includes a free copy of the Spandau Ballet album True. Along with the title track, it includes the hits Communication and Gold. More 1980s CDs will follow. A bargain at 70p - even if you don't like the newspaper.

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