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No place for old faces

British TV presenter Joan Bakewell is spot on when she says the television industry is "hideously young" and discriminates against older faces. It's true in the UK and in Australia but, curiously, older presenters seem to get more respect in the US.

Farewell, Michael Pate

Australian screen star Michael Pate, who also had a healthy career playing bad guys in Hollywood, has died at the age of 88. He was also a distinguished writer and producer and, in my experience of meeting him at an early Brisbane International Film Festival event, a gentleman. More here.

High praise for Mavis

"I never knew Steven Tandy was so funny. He reminds me of Gordon Chater, only Steven didn't get a pie in the face, or a soda syphon, but he did everything else."

That was small screen legend Noeline Brown's take on Mavis Bramston Reloaded, Paul Dellit and Peter Pinne's stage reworking of the classic TV satire show, now playing at Brisbane's StageDoor Dinner Theatre. Details here.

Addicted to love

Thanks to eonline for this further tidbit on David Duchovny's sex addiction. It quotes writer Matt Dearborn as saying:

"It's news to me. He didn't seem any more or less horny than anyone I worked with."

But, of course, they're in Hollywood ...

Art imitates life

Is this taking method acting a little too far? David Duchovny, who plays a sex-addicted author in Californication, is being treated for sex addiction.

Naughty and nice

Was it a oncer, or will Channel 9 now commission a full series of Australia's Naughtiest Home Vidoes, considering the show on which the late Kerry Packer pulled the plug was a ratings hit. Notoriety almost certainly helped, but I'm sure the Nine programmers are deep in thought about it. Earlier item and up-to-date comments here.

Farewell, Mark Priestley

Australian actor Mark Priestley has died at the age of 32. The All Saints star jumped from a hotel building in Sydney. A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), he worked on stage with companies including Bell Shakespeare and SYdney Theatre Company. It's a sad loss to the performing arts industry and a tragedy that one so young should take such action.
Link: Beyond Blue

When Woody met Jennifer

What would Woody Allen have to say to Jennifer Aniston? The eccentric filmmaker reportedly had dinner with the former Friends star (and famous Brad Pitt ex) in West Hollywood - which is news in itself, since New Yorker Allen usually shies away from he glittering lights of LA. Perhaps Allen, who has been making films in Europe recently, is looking for some Hollywood money for a project starring Aniston.

Cool on Kath and Kim

It increasingly looks like the US version of Kath and Kim will be a flop - if research into audience reactions to the promo ads shown by NBC during the Olympics are any guide. Of course, the show hasn't even gone to air yet, so it may defy the naysayers I didn't like the original version, but I wish producers Jane Turner and Gina Riley well.

Food for thought

Thanks to Kuttsywood for pointing out this story saying the Queensland government is considering a ban on junk-food advertising during children's television programming. I think it's the wrong approach. Instead, the government should be actively targetting the parents who buy the stuff, not the kids who try to pester them into doing it - which is what banning the ads would do. Perhaps the junk food companies who want to advertise in kids' TV time should also be forced to subsidise prime-time ads telling couch-potato parents about healthy eating.

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