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Superhero stuff

I'm so envious of Stephen Colbert. Not only does he host his own popular television show, but he's appearing alongside Spider-Man in a Marvel comic. There's more here.

Unloved Daughters

How bad is the final season of McLeod's Daughters? The Australian soapie about women on the land has been a hit in 30 countries around the world - it even screens in China - but the people who commissioned it in the first place, the Channel 9 programmers, seem eager for it to go away. The first nine episodes of the final series, which won't even air in Australia until the December silly season, are already available online (here). It's a very strange thing, presumably designed to keep the show's dwindling number of fans happy.

The Wight stuff

Today Tonight will have its first male host since 2000 when relative unknown Matthew White takes over from Anna Coren. A programming masterstroke or a big mistake? I think the former, and the pressure is now on Channel 9. I wouldn't be surprised if A Current Affair gets a new host next year - Eddie McGuire anybody? But then I wouldn't be surprised if it's axed altogether.

Not the Queen's English

I often watch the vodcast of the ABC's Media Watch but it annoys me that, at the start of each episode, host Jonathan Holmes pronounces the word "Monday" as "Mundee". Some British broadcasters also have pronunciation problems - a phenomenon satirist Craig Brown addresses here in The Telegraph.

Death defying TV

"...while the sexual activity depicted is considered to be discreetly implied by the animated depiction, necrophilia, even by way of an animated reference, contains an inherent impact higher than mild."

That's part of the verdict of the Australian Communications and Media Authority's verdict about an episode of Family Guy which was shown on Foxtel last year with a PG rating when it should have carried an M rating (i.e. suitable only for children over 15). Now I'm not saying that the depiction of Death having sex with a corpse is quality TV or suitable for little kids, but I wonder, in the grand scheme of things, what difference the ratings system makes with television programs. How many parents are going to look at the rating of each show and decide whether their child can watch it? Probably none.

Kath and Kim panned

"If this was a major hit in Australia, then something has been seriously lost in translation."

So says New York Times critic Brian Lowry of the American version of Kath and Kim.

Movement at the stations

Although Nova 106.9 has apparently decidedThe Sunday Mail is suggesting that Lukis might get the gig full-time, taking over from Frank Warrick who is returning from holidays not to do the Brisbane weather but to read the Nine Gold Coast News. Of course, Nine is kicking itself for "boning" John Schluter, who has been a big part of the success of the resurgent Channel 7 news, but I doubt Lukis delivers the credibility the station presumably wants for its weather report. Still, with reports that the network's parent company is in dire financial straits, it might be more of matter of who they can afford ... Sami Lukis from Triple M's website

Not lost in translation?

The American version of Little Britain has received mixed previews from newspapers. USA Today urged audiences to "send the queen a thank-you note". The Hollywood Reporter and The Washington Post also raved, but one critic, Brian Lowry, wrote "Little Britain USA is mostly just crude, revelling in mock condescension towards American stereotypes." It premieres on October 3.

Amusing news

The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart have teamed up to recreate the controversial Obama-as-Osama New Yorker cover for Entertainment Weekly. If you like their sense of humour - which I do, but I wish Stewart wouldn't shout so much - and want some left-field insights into the US presidential election, the story is here. Meanwhile, David Letterman is complaining about being stood up by John McCain, who cancelled an appearance on The Late Show because of the US economic crisis. While I can understand his reasoning, I think McCain has squandered a valuable opportunity to reach an audience he needs to swing if he wants to win.
Update: Mc Cain wasn't there, but Our Delta Goodrem was.

Seen but not heard

She calls herself "Emily Everywhere", but there's one place Emily Jade O'Keeffe soon won't be - on top-rating Brisbane radio station Nova 106.9FM. This story at, where O'Keefe has a blog, quotes Nova boss Sean Ryan as saying she was axed "to allow O'Keefe more time to work on her burgeoning television career". At least he didn't say it would let her spend more time with her family, which is what is usually the reason given in these circumstances.
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