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Dunn that, off elsewhere?

Jamie Dunn is fuelling rumours again, suggesting he may be leaving Zinc 96 on the Sunshine Coast despite having a contract until 2010. There's more here. Would it be too far fetched to suggest he's throwing a carrot to radio bosses in Brisbane? With his replacements at B105 way down in the ratings, and other stations looking for a killer punch, I would imagine he's a pretty attractive proposition in the big smoke right now. A re-teaming with Robin Bailey at 973FM perhaps, or with Ian Skippen at Triple M? A comeback at a slighter-older-pitched B105? A move to a newly digital 4KQ? Or even a gig on talk station 4BC? Still only in his 50s, Dunn - with the right team behind him - could easily reinvent himself as Queensland's answer to Alan Jones - with more laughs.

Anna and the Kong

Spencer Howson, the 612ABC Brisbane announcer who admits he's smitten with Today Tonight host Anna Coren, won't want to hear this. Coren is heading OS. She apparently aspires to join the many Australian faces and voices on CNN, which has its Asian HQ in Hong Kong.
Disclosure: Brett Debritz is an occasional guest on Howson's program, but has yet to be "stung" by Today Tonight

Stav on stage

B105 breakfast funnyman Stav Davidson is burning the candle at both ends with a series of night-time standup comedy gigs in and around Brisbane. You can catch him at the Albion pub tonight (July 12) and on July 18 and 26, and on August 1, 15, 29 and 30; the Dockside comedy club at Kangaroo Point on July 25; the Springlake Tavern on August 21; the Stones Corner Hotel on September 4; and the Paddington Tavern from September 11-13.

Back to school

I've given them enough stick over the past few weeks, so it's about time I gave Brisbane radio station B105's breakfast team a plug. On Friday, Labrat and Stav will broadcast from the same bus they both used to catch to school. The Labrat says: "Everyone always talks about the good old days of high school, when the best bit was the fun you got up to going to and from! For my fellow commuters and I, it was all about the journey, less about the destination; Perving on hotties but never having the guts to say hello; Reading and adding to the filthy messages on the back of the seats and not standing up when old people got on board.” I hope they've chartered a vehicle for the occasion; I wouldn't want to be planning a radio show around the Brisbane City Council's bus timetables.

Merrick, Rosso no more?

A few years ago, I interviewed Merrick Watts (or maybe it was Tim Ross) and he told me that the Merrick and Rosso team wouldn't be around forever. The word from down south is that that day may soon be approaching. Following swiftly-denied rumours that the boys don't get along with new Sydney Nova 969 co-host Kate Ritchie is the tip that the comedy duo will pull the plug at the end of this year. At this point I feel obliged to reheat my own rumour of a year or two ago that Brisbane Nova 106.9's Meshel Laurie could well be lined up to move to Sydney. I know she's happy where she is, but the Nova 1069 show is strong enough now to withstand her departure (especially as its direct competition at B105 is doing so poorly) and, although we Queenslanders like to think otherwise, Sydney and Melbourne are really where it's at in the Australian entertainment world. If Merrick and Rosso do go, Nova would want to pick well, because the right team has a very good chance of knocking 2Day's Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O off their perch as the No. 1 FM breakfast team in Sydney.
Update: Watts is now saying the duo are "not going anywhere". With the ratings year only half over, he would say that, wouldn't he?

ABC of staying put

They'll be rewriting their business plans at the Booroodabin Bowls Club and the Brekkie Creek Hotel following the news that the ABC will no longer be relocating to nearby premises at Newstead. The new site, which was supposed to replace the abandoned "cancer cluster" at Toowong, is apparently radioactive. As least it means ABC Radio can remain at the aptly named Lissner Street.

Something about Kate

Kate Ritchie, the longtime Home and Away star who is now on Sydney's Nova 96.9 radio station, is being touted as the star of a contemporary version of soapie Young Doctors to screen on Channel 9 next year. I do hope there's a role for ex-Idol judge Mark Holden, who was so convincing in the original series.
PS: What I'd really like to see are modern updates of Number 96 and The Box. Surely that's food for thought for the Ten Network!

Alan Jones has cancer

Alan Jones is not quitting; he is taking time off because he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. More here. I don't agree with many of Jones's opinions, but I wish him well for a full recovery. I'm sure many pretenders to Jones's throne as king of Sydney radio will be disappointed that his announcement today was not that he was quitting his top-rating show on 2GB. The way things are going, he will outlast even perennial breakfast bridesmaid Kyle Sandilands.

Parrot to stop squawking?

Alan Jones, the undisputed king of Sydney radio, is expected to quit his gig at 2GB. If true, it's a good move to get out while you're on top - something John Laws must wish he had done.

Rat's in the room

B105's Labrat, Camilla and Stav are going national on the Austereo radio network. The Brisbane breakfast trio will be hosting an hour-long show on Sundays at 5.30pm called The Diary Room, dedicated to gossip from TV's Big Brotherprior to the televised eviction show. Of course, given that BB isn't exactly top of the TV ratings tree and that the Labrat, Camilla and Stav breakfast show isn't setting the Brisbane radio world alight, cynics might see this as attempt to revive two failing franchises. Not me, I think it's an inspired way to improve the profile of both shows.
Disclosure: See previous disclosure.

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