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Absolutely Stavulous

Brisbane radio station B105's breakfast team of Labrat, Camilla, Stav and Tash (the newsreader) have formed a band called Stavulous, and they will be performing Green Day's When I Come Around at the Ekka on Wednesday, August 13. You have been warned.
PS: Here's something else of interest on the airwaves.

We come not to praise him ...

Brisbane 612ABC's Spencer Howson* was playing around on the internet a few days ago and designed this charming gravestone. I can happily report that, after he again pulled in the No.2 spot in the important breakfast shift in the ratings survey released this week, it's unlikely he'll be needing it anytime soon.

* Usual disclosure applies

Rating the radio stars

Survey 5 results in the metropolitan city radio ratings are in and ...
In Brisbane:
+ Nova 106.9 extends its lead overall and in breakfast, with 15.9 per cent of the available audience for its serial cereal thrillers Meshel, Ash, Kip and Luttsy (pictured).
+ ABC612 and Triple M both had small losses in breakfast but retained second and third spot. Aunty's Spencer Howson had a 12.8 per cent audience shares, while MMM's The Cage with Ian Skippen rated 10.8.
+ Only one percentage point separated the other commercial breakfast shows, ranging from 4BHon the bottom with 7.9 percent to 4BC on 8.9. Former market leader B105's Labrat, Camilla and Stav rated an even 8 - up almost a point on their last result - but still half that of their direct demographical rival, Nova.
+ B105 had a 1 point jump in the overall ratings, now trailling Nova, Triple M and 97.3FM, with ABC612 fifth.
+ 4BH has overtaken 4BC as commercial king of the 55+ age group (although it trails the ABC).
+ B105's big performer continues to be the networked Hamish and Andy show, which at 16.1 is on par with Nova's Dan and Ken - the only time of day the two rivals come close.
+ In the 18-24 demographic, Nova has a 44.5 per cent share, while B105 has just 15.7.
+ The non-commercial 612ABC has the biggest share of grocery buyers, followed closely by 97.3FM.

In Sydney:
+ The recently ailing Alan Jones (pictured) continues to rule the airwaves with a 14.6 share.
+ Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O added some audience share for 2Day - possibly on the back of the Big Brothr debacle - but were still only third in breakfast behind 702ABC's Adam Spencer.
+ Even getting arrested and having a date in court couldn't help Todd McKenney on Mix 106.5. The show he co-hosts with Sonia Kruger slipped nearly a full point and has just a 4.9 share in breakfast.

* The usual disclosures apply.

Elvis calling

It's probably no coincidence that another batch of radio ratings are out next week. In Brisbane, Elvis and Priscilla made a comeback for 4BH's Loretta Ryan and Moyd Kay breakfast show, visiting listeners Jim and Sue Kerry and giving them a trip to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Triple M's Greg "Marto" Martin is spearheading an Olympics-themed campaign titled "Bring Back Budgie Smugglers for Beijing". In Sydney, Mix 106.5's Sonia Kruger, Andy Grace and Todd McKenney celebrated their 150th show. Here are the happy snaps:

Wheatley earns his Stripe

Glenn Wheatley - former Master's Apprentice member, onetime manager of the Little River Band, FM radio pioneer and current home detainee on tax-evasion charges - is to launch a suite of internet radio stations in Australia. The 40-plus stations, which will play single genres from Christian to hard rock - will be branded Stripe. There's more here. As I've said before, I think online delivery offers consumers a better deal than the current plans for digital radio, which will at most double the number of free-to-air frequencies in Australia's capital city markets and maintain the stranglehold of the current major players.

Dream team returns

Roy Slaven and HG Nelson may not be on television this Olympics, or even in Beijing, but they will still be on the radio airwaves (and on the internet) every day during the Games. You can hear the team behind The Dream in their special half-hour drive-time Olympics update, The Golden Ring, from 4.30pm AEST daily for the duration on Triple J. Meantime, you can hear some funny business from HG here at The Australian.

Not so new

Commercial Radio Australia has announced the finalists in its annual awards. The list is here if you want to look. What struck me is that Wil Anderson is listed in the Best Newcomer category. Presumably all those years he spent on Triple J don't count, because its an ABC network not commercial, but doesn't that give him an unfair advantage over people who are genuine newcomers to professional radio?

What's Dunn doing?

There's been a lot of speculation following my recent item about Jamie Dunn. One rumour has it that Dunn (right, guest-hosting Channel 9's Extra) has been having discussions with 4BC management with the view to an afternoon or drive-time show next year. Time will reveal all.
Disclosure: Usual disclosures apply

Great Aussie movie moments

An idea that originated in Shanghai, China has become a radio competition in Brisbane, Australia. I mentioned on my other blog how a colleague had purchased a DVD with an "Australian" language option. Well Daniel Viles, the consultant funnyman on Spencer Howson's 612ABC radio show, picked up the idea and ran with it. Listen to the result:

Over at there's my original discussion with Spencer.
Update: Apparently Spencer has also blogged about it here, but I can't read it because his blog is, for some inexplicable reason, not available in China.

On the air

All things being equal, I will be on the air with Spencer Howson on the 612ABC breakfast show on Tuesday, July 22. Here's a link to the live stream.

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