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Radio ratings

My take on the first radio survey for 2009 is here: This site is closing, and future reports will be at

Jamie comes home

Jamie Dunn is back on the air in Brisbane, with 4BC, where he says he'll address the serious issues. To do well, Dunn will have to win listeners from Triple M, where his former colleague Ian Skippen captains The Cage, and 612 ABC, both of which draw the older listeners BC covets. Dunn may also pull some listeners from 97.3FM, 4KQ, 4BH and even his old station, B105, although its likely that all his old fans have already defected the youth-oriented station. Also of interest to channel hoppers this week is the fact that husband and wife Stav and Katrina Davidson will be squaring off against each other (and Dunn) in the breakfast shift. Katrina is keeping Spencer Howson's seat warm at 612 ABC for one more week while Stav (real name: Stewart) is a permanent part of the B105 breakfast team.
Usual disclosure applies

Luttsy and Danny: The latest

The latest word from radioland in Brisbane is that David "Luttsy" Lutteral isn't leaving Nova 1069 after all, he just won't be on the breakfast show so much. I hear he also wants to spend time in LA working on his tan or film/TV career (look how well that's turned out for Rove McManus). Also, I've been told that former 4BC stalwart Danny Hoyland - who, as one contributor to this blog noted, "tests" very well with audiences in a certain demographic - will be returning to the airwaves on the weekends, but not on the FM frequency. I wonder if it's in some way connected with Danny's passion for surf lifesaving?

River flows; ABC head goes

Ipswich-based River 949 has appointed Ruby Slipperz* and Dave Greenwood to host its breakfast show, replacing Wayne Roberts who walked out a few weeks ago. According to a River media release, Slipperz is a former top-rating announcer from Toowoomba who has spent for years as a councillor in that city and Greenwood comes via Sea FM on the Fraser Coast and a stint as Elwood at Universal Studios' Blues Brothers show.
Meanwhile, Crikey reports that ABC head of radio Sue Howard has left, paving the way for the intergration of Aunty's broadcasting services, including the creation of multimedia "brands" around Radio National's specialist programs and the creation of a News Radio "continuous news centre".
* Do you think it's her real name? I suppose Mr and Mrs Slipperz could have been film fans.

Busiest man on the airwaves

Gee, Whippy is getting a whipping. Not only was he the first employee of Brisbane's Nova 1069, he's also the busiest. According to the Nova website, he co-hosts the station's breakfast show, and then is on air solo from 9am to 10pm. Yes, that's a total of 16 hours of work a day, not counting preparation time. When does the man sleep? Mistakes aside, the website makes interesting reading because it seems not to mention the regular breakfast team of Meshel, Ash and Kip (not counting Luttsy, who is reportedly moving on to 4BC) at all. I know they are off air at the moment, but other station networks are still plugging their flagship shows. (And the web page mentions Merrick, Rosso and Kate, who are also off air.) Is something afoot? As I wrote here back on October 18, "I've been saying Meshel Laurie will go back down south for a long time now, and one day I'll be right. I understand there are reasons why one or two of the other presenters might want to move on, too."

Christmas on the wireless

Brisbane's Radio 4BH882 will be departing from its Best Hits of All Time format on December 24 for "A Very Brisbane Christmas Eve" hosted by Donna Lynch with special guest, the Most Reverend John Bathersby, Archbishop of Brisbane. The program will a traditional presentation of “Yes Virginia – There Is a Santa Claus” read by retired Brisbane radio legend John Knox andBing Crosby’s The Small One. Archbishop Bathersby, who will join the show from 911pm before conducting midnight mass at St Stephen's Cathedral, will reflect on the year past, offer some thoughts for the year ahead and play some of his favourite Christmas carols.
PS: Donna Lynch at BH; Jamie Dunn soon at sister station 4BC. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those two meet in the corridors.

Luttsy: What's the story?

Is Luttsy leaving? Is this the beginning of the end for the Nova 1069 breakfast show? Does this dovetail with the rumour reported at this blog a while ago that the whole team is ready to move on to other things?
Update: According to the well-known expert commentator "Anonymous", Luttsy is joining 4BC. It would certainly make for a very strong breakfast program if Luttsy were slotted in a sporting role alongside Jamie Dunn and his transplanted team from Zinc.

Action station

The Austereo network has launched the online version of what will become a national commercial digital radio station. You can listen to Radar Radio here.

Emily's on the Ms

After 10 women auditioned, former Nova 106.9 announcer (and blogger) Emily Jade O'Keeffe will be named to replace Sami Lukis on Triple M Brisbane's The Cage breakfast show. In a media release, Triple M boss Richard Barkers says:

"It was obvious from the moment Emily-Jade walked into the studio that she had that indefinable something, a chemistry that you can hear and see. We heard it immediately. Importantly, Emily-Jade brings a great balance and contribution on air as well in the workplace, both of which will grow under the tutelage of Triple M Program Director Rex Morris. She will join three of the best in radio in Ian Skippen, Greg Martin and Greg Sullivan and we welcome her with open arms to the Triple M family."

She will begin on air on January 12.

More radio rumours

A source tells me that former 4BC stalwart and genuinely nice guy Danny Hoyland is in talks with an FM station about a comeback. There are also plans, I'm told, for changes at BC in early 2009 involving two senior positions.

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