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Baby boom

There are few things more annoying to crusty regular theatregoers than a crying baby or naughty child in the auditorium. That's why cinemas have special "babes-in-arms" screenings. Now, the live smash Busting Out is doing the same at the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane's Bowen Hills. If you're not a parent with a baby and you go along to the 11am show on August 27, you've only got yourself to blame if the noise of children annoys. Show details are here.

Insane name game

I don't often agree with Andrew Bolt, but he is spot on when he says the proposal to name a West Australian performing arts centre after Heath Ledger is "cheap" and an attempt by WA premier Alan Carpenter to advertise himself. Ledger was a good actor, but on the screen not the stage. It's as inappropriate to name a theatre after him as it would be to name a football field after me.
PS: On a similar subject, when is Brisbane going to get a theatre named after Queensland Theatre Company founding artistic director Alan Edwards?

Berkoff returns

British actor Steven Berkoff will bring his one-man show, One Man, to Brisbane from September 29 to October 1 as part of a national tour. Berkoff has been to Brisbane a few times, notably with Salome many years ago and Shakespeare’s Villains in 2005, and tickets for these performances - a double bill of the Edgar Allan Poe-derived Tell-Tale Heart and Berkoff's own Dog - are sure to sell quickly. Details here; tickets here.

Shirley, she's back

You can't keep a good woman down. Shirley Valentine, Willy Russell's one-woman show about a housewife who runs off to Greece to escape her humdrum existence, is returning to the stage on the Queensland leg of a national tour that brings it to the following venues:
Jun 30: Logan City Entertainment Centre
July 1: Boonah Cultural Centre
July 2: Redcliffe Cultural Centre
July 3-5: QUT Gardens Theatre, Brisbane (details here)
July 8: Moncrieff Theatre Bundaberg
July 9: Gladstone Entertainment Centre
July 10: Mackay Entertainment Centre
The star is Glenda Linscott, who starred in TV's Prisoner alongside the original Australian Shirley (and recent visitor to Shanghai) Amanda Muggleton.
PS: Did you know that in most women, one breast is slightly larger than the other, but in most bras both cup sizes are the same? That's one of the "fun facts" being used to promote Busting Out, which plays at the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane this month and next. Details here.

In good company

One of my favourite theatre companies, Mixed Company, is relaunching with a performance of three of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues at QPAC's Cremorne Theatre on July 12. Dlae Murison, Brad Ashwood and Bronwen Doherty star. Details here.

Dark Lady's revenge

Following my item on John Hudson's theory that Amelia Bassano Lanier wrote the works of Shakespeare, Hudson has emailed me with a link to his theatre company's next production. Details of As You Like It; The Big Flush - described as a classic/experimental piece that illustrates the theory that the plays attributed to Shakespeare were written as "Jewish revenge literature" - at the The Dark Lady Players website.
Update: I replied to John Hudson and posed this question: How does the character of Shylock in Merchant of Venice - surely the father of all negative Jewish stereotypes - fit into your theory?
His response, which he has given me permission to post, is here.

Shakespeare she wrote

Over the years, I've relayed many of the theories about who wrote the works of Shakespeare - including what appears the most likely one (i.e. that it was Shakespeare) - so I guess I ought to report the latest theory. According to John Hudson, the author of the Shakespeare works was Amelia Bassano Lanier, a Jewish woman of Italian descent previously identified as the "dark lady" of the sonnets.

Going for bust

I suppose after the success of Puppetry of the Penis (which is going "legit" in its latest incarnation, playing at QPAC from June 17-21 as part of the In Stitches comedy festival), Busting Out just had to happen. The show, which plays at the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane from June 11, features Emma Powell and Bev Killick taking a "most irreverent look at that much revered embodiment of womanhood – the breast". I'm sure you get the picture.

Not such a trivial pursuit

Temptation champ, comic, all-round entertainer and Richard III enthusiast Blair Martin will again be hosting Cab-Savvy, a fund-raising night of trivia and entertainment at the StageDoor Dinner Theatre in Brisbane's Bowen Hills on June 30. It will be the closing event of the Brisbane Pride Festival 2008, and a good time is guaranteed while you're raising funds for HIV/AIDS charities. You can book by email or on 33683948.

Best by Farrer

Bad spelling aside, what's not to like about The Mutha of All Divas? It stars Brisbane cabaret favourite Carita Farrer, it's at the QPAC Playhouse Studio 2 from June 18-28 and it's about ... er. Well, the blurb Farrer has sent me says this:

Watch in simultaneous horror and delight as this Mutha of all Divas struts her stuff. She's got her jazz, she's got her pop, she's got her contemporary, she's got her opera, and she HAS LOST THE PLOT. Songs with dogs, duets with herself and show-stoppers sung in the nuddy like a drunken sailor. The Mutha Diva is the ultimate showbiz all rounder ...AND... the worst performer to have ever graced the stage

So, it's all clear. Bookings here.

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