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Kate's weird honour

"It’s totally weird and yet it’s an honor at the same time. At first you think it's really cool, and then you’re like, what is this, that’s so weird ... it’s really weird."

That's Kate Hudson talking about being named in People magazine's 25 Most Beautiful List. Note that it was not the Most Erudite list ...

Nic does it herself

Following the recently widely repeated revelation that she is most overpaid actor in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman is reportedly to star in an action-adventure film called Eighth Wonder that she will produce herself. Surely somebody else will give her a job ...

What a way to go

I learned something today, courtesy of The Sunday Telegraph. Apparently, Carry On movies star Sid James died of a heart attack, at age 62, on stage while his costar flashed her breasts at him. How terribly appropriate.
PS: Yes, only 62. Sid looked 62 most of his career.

Nic of time. Not

The story was on this blog on July 26, and in other media slightly earlier, but has just caught up with the news that Nicole Kidman delivers the worst bang for the buck in Hollywood. It seems to be the same story based on the same Forbes study. Maybe with the release of Australia getting closer, the SMH thought it timely.
Update: Other media in Australia and the UK are running this story now, too - including The Independent, which was my source from two months ago! Bizarre.

Our richest stars

The Wiggles are once again Australian showbiz's top earners, according to BRW magazine. The kids' entertainers grossed $45 million in 2007-08. Of course, they have to share that among themselves. Better off financially, I suppose, is the No. 2 earner Kylie Minogue with $40 million to herself. The list also includes Russell Crowe ($36m), Hugh Jackman ($25m), Hi-5 ($18m), Cate Blanchett ($14m), Keith Urban (only $12.3m, and with a new mouth to feed!), AC/DC ($12m, but the release of their new album guarantees next year will be better), filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell ( $8.8m) and actor and football fan Anthony LaPaglia (a mere $8m). It's a lot of money for work that doesn't involve rocket science or heavy lifting.

End of the Regent?

Premier Anna Bligh has hatched a deal with developers Multiplex to incorporate a new Queensland Film and Television Centre in the redevelopment of Brisbane's historic Regent Theatre. The statement is at the Save the Regent website (which I run). As I see it, the deal takes away much more than it gives. The developer gets to build a huge tower block which will gut the historic building, while the Queensland public gets one 300-seat cinema and two 60-seat venues, which are pretty much useless.

Show him the money

Tommy Lee Jones's claim for $10 million in extra payments for his role in the film No Country for Old Men is based on "additional services" he provided in promoting the film. I once interviewed Jones in a mini-media conference and found the experience quite dull - until the star ripped into one of my colleagues who had the temerity to suggest that the bleakness of Gotham City in Batman Forever reflected the realities of urban life in the US. "The last time I looked," Jones thundered, "it was the greatest country on Earth."

Joan's secret of success

How do you sustain a long career in showbiz? By constantly reinventing yourself. Joan Collins has been doing it for at least 40 years. From big-screen bombshell to small-screen bitch, she's now a newspaper columnist. She has a gig with the revamped, all-colour Sunday Telegraph. The story is here.
PS: When Foxtel had its Brisbane launch in the mid-1990s, the British star was the guest of honour. But she wasn't the only Joan Collins in the room. Also there was the wife of Australia's "Mr Movies", Bill Collins.

Who you gonna call, again?

Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are coming back in a third installment of Ghostbusters. At least that's what People is reporting, quoting Variety. Let's hope it's more successful than Aykroyd's attempt to re-energise the Blues Brothers franchise (without John Belushi, on account of his being dead). And, if it's true, let's wait for all those stories to emerge from the set about how "difficult" Murray is.

Seasonal sensations?

Keep an eye on Eagle Eye, the new Shia LaBeouf film. That's the tip from eonline's Joal Ryan, who notes that it's been six years since a film released in the US in September has made more than $100 million at the US box office. The other big offering this month is High School Musical 3: Senior Year. I think I'll skip that one and wait for High School Musical 33: Senior Years, in which Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens play hyperactive pensioners trying to put on a show at the old folks' home.

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