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Never mind the butter

Is this the ultimate rock'n'roll swindle? John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon is nearing ubiquity on British television with a series of butter commercials. This is one of them.

Lucky accident?

A plane crash in which four other people died may have saved the life of DJ AM. He says doctors found a potentially fatal blood clot when they examined him.

Quick draw McGraw

I couldn't name a Tim McGraw song if my life depended on it*, but I applaud the US singer for criticising his own record company for releasing another greatest hits album with just one other album between it and his previous greatest hits collection. McGraw has apologised to his fans, saying he would have preferred another album of new material to come out first. Good on him.
* Mind you, I can't imagine this ever being the case.

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

As one of the web's leading sources of breaking Brady Bunch news, I can't let this one pass. Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia, has released her memoir, and according to E! it reveals "that she once traded sex for drugs and engaged in full-on binges at the Playboy Mansion* and at the home of Sammy Davis Jr". She also reveals she had relationships with her on-screen brother Barry Williams (but he's already told us that in his book), Steve Martin (a wild and crazy time, presumably) and Michael Jackson (surely not?) However, I'm not sure if she tackles those rumours about her and Eve Plumb, who played Jan.
* All I got at the Playboy Mansion was a press conference, a guided tour (by the now-single Holly Madison), a coffee and a bottle of water!

Kate Moss: the facts?

Apparently Kate Moss's "descent into a spiral of self-destruction." is all Johnny Depp's fault. I suppose Winona Ryder could have used the same excuse for her troubles of a few years ago.

Holmes, sweet Holmes

Many, many years ago, I managed to impress a few people by knowing the answer to this trivia question: Which fictional character has been portrayed most in movies? The answer is (or, at least was) Sherlock Holmes, and the reason I knew the answer is that I'm a fan. The last time I lived in the UK, I bought and quickly devoured the complete collection of Conan Doyle's Holmes stories. I've seen many big and small screen portrayals of Holmes, from Basil Rathbone (pictured) to Jeremy Brett and John Cleese. Guy Ritchie is now making another film starring Robert Downey Jr who, according to the Daily Mail, will play the character as a Charlie Chaplin lookalike. I don;t like the sound of that, but it doesn;t matter. However the film turns out, and whether I like it or not, the character is resilient enough to turn up again. And again. And again.

Hef's double fantasy

He's split with Holly, Kendra is dating a footballer and Bridget wants to concentrate on her TV career, but it doesn't look like Hugh Hefner is lonely. The 82-year-old is reportedly getting cosy with 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon. Another TV series cannot be far away because it sure can't be about sex.
PS: The picture shows me with Holly, Kendra and Bridget in happier times at the Playboy Mansion.
Update: Apparently the twins have .

Thought for the day

Is Angelina Jolie too beautiful? Clint Eastwood thinks she's as good an actor as Meryl Streep, but people can't see past her good looks.

We'll always have Paris

Who says Paris Hilton doesn't have a sense of humour? She's continuing her fake presidential campaign via this interview with West Wing star Martin Sheen, who demonstrates that he's a very good sport. Vote for Paris? America, and the world, could do worse. In fact, they already have ...
See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Holly goes, not so lightly

Hugh Hefner's No.1 girlfriend, Holly Madison, has reportedly split from the Playboy boss. She has said she wants to have children, and that's not on the 82-year-old Hefner's agenda. I was at the Playboy mansion early last year, and Holly made it clear then that she was hoping for a family. She got quite excited when one of my fellow journalists suggested that Hef had hinted he might be willing to become afather again. My video, at left, reveals some of what Hef told us about Holly and his two other girlfriends, Bridget and Kendra. If reports of the break-up are true, it casts doubt on the future of the "reality" show Girls of the Playboy Mansion (also known as The Girls Next Door.)
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