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Money for old Spice

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Spice Girls are back, with their greatest hits album debuting at No. 1 on the ARIA Chart. That is, of course, no guarantee that their new material will follow it to the top.

Idle moment

He calls himself the "sixth nicest" member of the Monty Python team, and Eric Idle certainly didn't hold back when I interviewed him for the story in the Event section of today's Sunday Mail. Idle - who is coming to Melbourne for the opening of Spamalot and to Brisbane to perform in the oratorio Not the Messiah - fired up when I said I'd read that one of his former co-stars had said he hadn't expected the Python phenomenon to last far beyond the original TV series. "Was that Michael (Palin)?" Idle demanded. "He doesn't complain about the very large royalty cheques he gets for Spamalot!" Idle also noted that Palin had recently published his diaries from the Python years, and that he (Idle) didn't receive a share of those profits.

Over-rated Rove

Am I the only one who thinks Rove McManus is overrated? Maybe not. I read today that he has failed to “come to terms” with Network 10 and may be heading to the US next year. I admit I haven’t watched a lot of Rove, but when I have I’ve been embarrassed by the extent to which the host tries to upstage the guests. Unlike a Parkinson or Denton, he seems to think it’s all about him. My idea of a chat or variety show is to have an affable, intelligent host who selects talented guests and subtley wheedles the best out of them. Still, that’s often not the way the Americans do it - so maybe the US is the place for him to be.

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