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Harry Potter's fate awaits

Will Harry Potter live or die? As the clock counts down to the release of the last book about the boy wizard, you can weigh in here.

Alan Johnston freed

In common with thousands of other blogs, debritz.net has been aiding the campaign for the release of kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston by running a logo bringing attention to his situation. I am please to note that, according to this report, Alan Johnston has been freed by his captors.

Alan Johnston banner

Changes ahead

This site is undergoing some changes. It will still be accessible from showbritz.debritz.net and will act as an archive for the multimedia content of the Showbritz blog. However, the main url, ShowBritz.com, will soon point directly to the blog. Should the blog move for any reason, ShowBritz.com will find it!

Top of the bill

There's an article on John Batchelor, the Brisbane-bred star of Channel 9's new drama Sea Patrol, in the ie liftout today in The Sunday Mail. In this exclusive video, he explains his reaction when being told star Lisa McCune saw the work as an ensemble piece and had requested that the actors be credited alphabetically - putting Batchelor at the top of the list:

John Laws: the end of an era

John Laws has announced he'll retire at the end of this year. The details are here.

What's new on the blog

+ Dame Edna and friends
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Not-so gay time

Brisbane businesswoman Sarina Russo didn't find it funny when Dame Edna jokingly "outed" her.

Lose some, win some

The Young and the Restless, the soapie axed by Australia's Channel 9 to make way for the ill-fated The Catch-Up, has won a Daytime Emmy. More here.

Catch-Up no more

I leave the country for a few days, and things start the change. The Channel 9 axe has fallen on The Catch-Up. There's more here.

Celebrity spotting

It's all happening - with pictures - direct from Disneyland on the blog.

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