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Camilla's pregnant pause

There’s a new female voice on Brisbane’s B105. Sometime singer Ricki-Lee is filling-in alongside Labrat and Stav Davidson while Camilla Severi prepares for the imminent birth of her first child. Stay tuned for news.

Facing the music

I can’t understand why so many radio stations invest big money in their breakfast announcers and then promote as a virtue the fact that they have no DJs throughout the rest of the day and/or on weekends. The thinking seems to be that people want chat, laughs and information in the mornings, and maybe at drive time, but just music at other times. Or maybe that’s just the excuse, as it seemto have been when Triple M recently decided to axe Tony Martin’s Get This program. The reality, perhaps, is that so much is spent on the one show that there’s no money left. Now that’s a tragedy not only for anybody who wants to get into the radio business - because there are so few jobs and learning opportunities - but also for the listeners. If I want to listen to my favourite songs all day, I’ll get an iPod. If I want to engage with the world, I’ll turn on the radio. Now, however, it seems there’ll be fewer stations to listen to.

Kyle: the new Eddie

First there was Eddie “Everywhere” McGuire; now it’s Kyle “Ubiquitous” Sandilands. Self-crowned King Kyle has confirmed he will be hosting Big Brother and judging Australian Idol next year, meaning he’ll be on air on Channel 10 for most of 2008. But is this kind of overexposure a good thing for him, the network - or, especially - the viewers? It doesn’t bother me, because I won’t be watching either show.

Kevvy everywhere

John Howard may not “do” FM radio, but Kevin Rudd certainly does. The prime-ministerial aspirant now known as K-Rudd not only shared time on air with Nova 106.9’s Meshel, Ash, Kip and Luttsy this morning (as a warm-up act for his distant relative Xavier Rudd), he’s planning to have dinner at the home of B105 breakfast host Labrat. I wonder if media tart will be on the menu.

Back to the future

Brett Debritz's Showbritz blog will be relocating to this page soon. Stay tuned!

What's new on the blog

+ Britain's Got Talent star Paul Potts is heading our way soon
+ My review of La Boite's Walking By Apple Tree Creek

Our show sucks

Yes, the Ekka needs an overhaul. There's more here.

Blog smorgasbord

Here's what's happening on the Showbritz blog right now:
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What's the story

Should Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt be featured on Australian stamps?
Should Jono Coleman be sacked for giving away the ending of the Harrry Potter book?
What did the minister say to the usher?
It's all on the Showbritz blog.

The Simpsons Movie

I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you before The Simpsons Movie opens, so I'll just say this:
It's a real movie, with a real story and a heart; some of the spoilers that were said not to be true are true; some of them aren't; it's not one long gag-fest, but it is very entertaining; and wait until the very end of the credits if you want to see everything.
Here's some thoughts from B105's Labrat and Stav, and Brisbane International Film Festival artistic director Anne Demy-Geroe, who were at this morning's high-security Brisbane screening:

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