Internet kills the video star

Mike Goldman tells me - via email, of course - that his Friday Night Download show on Channel 10 outperformed Channel 9's Funniest Home Videos in the all-people ratings last Friday (not just Ten's targetted 18-39 year olds). Congrats to him and his team of internet-fossickers. Anything that beats a far-too-long-running show that's essentially about children and animals being hurt has my seal of approval.

Natalie v Kevin

Gosh, what an exciting weekend. A new prime minister in Kevin Rudd and a new Australian Idol winner in Natalie Gauci. I wonder who'll be around the longest.

Labby's Idol opportunity

One reason for Brisbane folk to watch the Australian Idol grand final on Sunday night: B105's Labrat will be hosting crosses from Matt Corby's home town of Cronulla.

Phil fills the gap

The word from the Aunty is that Phil Smith has been officially appointed to the Saturday breakfast shift on 612ABC, starting in January. He takes over from Karen Dorante.

Rove back on Ten

Rove McManus has re-signed with Channel 10 after speculation that he might go and work in the US. I guess there wasn’t a job for him there…

ABC on the move

ABC managing director Mark Scott has announced that the broadcaster will move its Brisbane operations to a purpose-built complex at Newstead. The ABC was forced to scatter its various operations after a breast cancer cluster was identified at its Toowong site. The new site is on the corner of Durong St and Breakfast Creek Rd. Bad news for the Regatta Hotel at Toowong; good news for Brekkie Creek pub and the Booroodabin Bowls Club, I suppose.

Improvised torture

I'm not sure if this is approved by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Actors) ... but the latest series of Iron Improviser, at the Metro Arts Theatre in Edward St from Thursday night, November 22, includes such delights as performers having chillies put in their mouths when they get a laugh. There's also a game where they are blindfolded and have to walk barefooted across a mousetrap-strewn floor. Details: here.

Daughters bow out

The cast and crew of McLeod's Daughters will also have the chance to spend more time with their families, following the announcement this morning that the eighth series, now being filmed, will be its last. In a Nine Network press release, McLeod's creator and executive producer Posie Graeme-Evans says: "I have always maintained that the series should finish on a high, and while it was still loved by the audience. Based on this belief, in conjunction with Channel Nine, we have come to the decision, that Series 8 will be the last." Does that sound like a boning or not?

Farewell to George

A report this morning notes that George McEncroe is leaving Brisbane's Triple M breakfast radio show, basically to spend more time with her family. It also speculates about behind-the-scenes changes at Triple M. Well, they've already begun with one producer already spending more time with his family. Of course, Triple M nationally is still trying to shake-off the bad publicity from its axing of one of its most successful shows, Tony Martin's Get This.

Ten has Friends

It was a hit for Channel 9 all those years ago, and now Channel 10 obviously thinks one of the most popular sitcoms of the last century will strike a chord over summer with its target audience of young people. Ten has just issued a media release announcing extensive urgent amendments to its night-time line-up from Sunday, December 2 - and the centrepiece is Friends, beginning with the very first episode. The line-up also includes lots of the Simpsons and Law and Order plus new series Psych and Don't Forget the Lyrics, which sounds suspiciously like another singing show.

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