Alas, poor Andre

Doctor Who star David Tennant has belatedly granted a dead man's wish - by using his skull as Yorick's in a new stage production of Hamlet. Polish pianist and Holocaust survivor Andre Tchaikowsky, who died of cancer aged 46 in 1982, had bequeathed his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company in anticipation that it would be used in the famous graveyard scene. Of course, he would never have heard of Tennant, who has only shot to fame recently. More here.

Batman is dead ...

... long live Batman. That could be the case soon, following reports from the world of comic books that Bruce Wayne will either be killed (perhaps by a villain called the Black Glove) or will retire. This is becoming standard practice these days. Superman, Captain America and various versions of The Flash have "died", but the characters are still around. Did somebody mention the word "gimmick"? (Here's one geek blogger's take on the phenomenon.)
PS: I'm out of touch, but my money's on Nightwing (Dick Grayson, the first Robin) to replace Wayne in the driver's seat of the Batmobile.

Wrestle with a Python

The Monty Python team has made many of its funny bits available on YouTube, with the aim of making money from attached ads. It's explained, and it's accessible, here

Nine a winner

Despite its many reported off-screen woes, and the ongoing guessing game as to who will be reading the Monday to Friday news next year*, the Nine network is leading the Brisbane TV ratings and looks like winning the year (excluding the Olympics, of course). The big winner last week was the rugby league World Cup final.
* Sorry Bruce, but my money is on Andrew Lofthouse.

Farewell, Richey Edwards

Richey Edwards, the troubled frontman of British band Manic Street Preachers, has been declared dead almost 14 years after he disappeared. While many fans claim to have sighted him, Elvis-style, over the years, and his bandmates have continued to bank his share of their earnings (and will soon release an album using his lyrics), his parents have apparently finally conceded that Edwards won't be coming back. It's widely believed he jumped off the Severn Bridge. May he rest in peace.

Wes What'shisname?

Wes Carr has won. Will we still recognise his name in two years, I wonder.

Another axing

Rumours have reached me that a Sydney-based commercial radio backroom person - who I won't name unless and until the story is confirmed, but he is not unfamiliar to readers of this blog - has been sacked after a falling out with management.
PS: John Laws is reportedly in talks for an interviewing gig at Channel 7.
Nov 24 update: Funny, last time I saw this page, I'm sure there was another face on it ...

Nine signs Andrew Lofthouse

Channel 9 Brisbane has just announced that it's signed the ABC's Andrew Lofthouse. Accrding to a media release, he will read the weekend news from the new year. “Andrew is a wonderful talent. He is an impressive broadcaster and very passionate about Queensland. We are very excited he has chosen to join Nine,” Lee Anderson, Nine Queensland Station Manager/ Director of News, says in the release. Lofthouse is quoted as saying: “I’ve been really fortunate to have had a long and rewarding career at the ABC now I’m excited about the change and about the opportunities and challenges ahead at Nine.”
The question is: Will Lofthouse - the latest in a line of ABC newsreaders to defect to the commercial networks - really be restricted to weekend reading duties, or will the next announcement from Nine concern Bruce Paige?

It's goodnight from Heather Foord

While there has been speculation about the future of Channel 9 Brisbane newsreader Bruce Paige of late, it's his colleague Heather Foord who has announced her resignation from newsreading duties (but apparently not the station). Is this the beginning of several changes on the Mountain? Here's the Nine media release (which, as usual in these cases, cites family reasons):

Nine News presenter, Heather Foord, announced in tonight’s bulletin that she has decided to leave her position as Nine News presenter for the 6pm bulletin.
After 21 years with Nine News, this was a difficult decision which Heather has made to allow her to more time to spend with her husband Tony and four daughters; India, twins Grace and Riley and Maya.
Heather’s statement from the Nine News 6pm Bulletin;
“Before we go, I have some news of my own. After 21 years with the Newsroom, I have decided that this year will be my last. While I love bringing you the news every evening, I would love even more to be home, watching it, with my girls. So this time in a fortnight it'll be goodnight, and goodbye. It's been an absolute privilege being in your lounge rooms for two decades.”
Whilst Heather will not present the 6pm weeknight news bulletin, she will remain contracted to Channel Nine and we look forward to developing opportunities for Heather to remain on air in 2009.
Nine Director of News, Lee Anderson says “Channel Nine understands Heather's decision. There's only one thing that would stop Heather reading the news and that's her commitment to her family. We'll be looking at other ways Heather can contribute which enable her to keep a balance between work and family life.”
Over Heather’s twenty-one years she has seen many changes. Prime ministers and (even more) Premiers have come and gone and she has shared the news desk with several leading men. One career highlight was reporting live from Buckingham Palace for Princess Diana's funeral. Heather says “I have enjoyed every day of my twenty-one years with the newsroom and will miss everyone enormously.”
Nine News co-presenter Bruce Paige says “It has been wonderful working with Heather. She’s a consummate professional and she’s more than a colleague, she’s a valued friend. I will miss sharing the News desk with her.”

Jodie really blew it

Quote of the week from Adelaide radio announcer Jodie Blewett regarding an on-air quiz:

"And if any f . . . er gets question number nine I will run around the studio naked."

The question asked what "IQ" stands for. I would have known it; would you?
More here.

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