Second time lucky

The ABC in Brisbane is moving to South Bank. I imagine its commercial rivals are envious.

Dial 007 for a quote

One of the things that intrigues me about Scotland is the almost-universal reverence for Sir Sean Connery. The James Bond actor is an icon here. What gets me, though, is that he's Mr Rent-a-quote on the issue of the day - from his support for an independent Scotland and his backing of the Homecoming 2009 event to his opposition to the merger of the Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB - but he doesn't live here, and he hasn't for a very long time. In fact, I think I am safe in saying that I've spent more time in Scotland in the past 20 years than Sir Sean has. I don't doubt his sincere feelings for the land of his fathers, and I acknowledge that it is possible to have a keen interest in local events from afar. However, I don't see why people here go running to the Bahamas or wherever he chooses to be to get his opinion on what's good for Scotland, and then quote it as if it's holy writ. After all, he is an actor and he's working outside his field of expertise.
PS: In Australia, who would dream of saying, let alone thinking: We must get Paul Hogan's view on the global economic crisis?

Clowning around

One reason to see Cirque du Soleil's Dralion? It stars one of my favourite Brisbane actors, Hayden Spencer, as a clown. Spencer follows in the big footsteps of Queenslander Stephen Bishop, who appeared in Cirque's Varekai. More here.

Another man overboard

Comedian Trevor Marmalade has been axed from - or, as he puts it, decided not to renew his contract with - the AFL Footy Show. Should we start a sweep: Who's next to go from Channel 9? I bet everybody there wishes they had Eddie McGuire's lawyer...

Taken as read

Here's a chilling line from a story about film critic Charlie Finch's assertion that nudity from star Kate Winslet in the new Stephen Daldry film, The Reader, trivialises the Holocaust ...

Within hours, Finch's attack was repeated by other critics, most of whom had not seen the film.

Now I haven't seen the film, and I don't know if Finch's opinions are justified or not, but what "critic" worth their salt would endorse the opinion of somebody else as fact before they had the chance to assess it for themselves?

Hi, and goodbye

He stopped for petrol on the north coast and a guy at the petrol station says to him 'Hey, my brother got your job yesterday'.

That, according to a "source" was how Nathan Foley heard about being axed from kids' group Hi-5. For his part, Foley just says: "Look, I don't really want to talk about it. I've got a contract until Christmas and I intend to honour it." The story goes that the last of the original band members was forced out to complete the transition to younger and cheaper performers. Gosh, he's only 29. Some of the Wiggles are old enough to be his dad, and nobody says they are too old to do what they do. But, of course, they run their own show, and are not just employees like the Hi-5ers. Time for a fan revolt, I say ...

Some kind of gag

The Daily Record has hired edgy Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle as a columnist, but it already seems he's a bit controversial for the family paper. In his first column, The Record has rendered the word "bastard" as "b*****d", shit as s*** and piss (I think) as p***. None of these words would be censored from most Australian papers these days, as long as the editor felt they were contextual - which they are here given Boyle's oeuvre. Stranger still is the fact that I have heard the F-word (which most Australian and British papers would not print in full) more on television - and, significantly, in the street - here in Scotland than I ever have in Australia.
PS: Boyle's column is subtitled, "He's the comic who can't be gagged".

Jillian Whiting ousted

Jillian Whiting has quit Channel 9 (choosing her family, of course, as they always do). When asked why she was leaving, Whiting told The Courier-Mail:

"You'll have to ask Channel 9. All I can say is it was a surprise to me but I'm happy with my decision and I'm so ready for a holiday."

News boss Lee Anderson said Whiting had been offered another role in the newsroom (but she presumably declined it).
This keeps the door open for Heather Foord to host Extra next year. But with Andrew Lofthouse also hovering around the corridors of Nine next year, I think there are more announcements to come.
PS: There was also a rumour that Talitha Cummins would leave Seven for Nine. I can't see that being the case, because Seven seems a more stable place to be right now, but anything can happen in tellyland.
PPS: I'm just wondering where all the money is coming from to pay these people (or pay them out) since Nine is supposedly cash-strapped. Maybe that's why Bruce Paige is still there - they can't afford to retire him! (That's a joke, OK?)

Not the news

Paris Hilton can't get a record deal, according to this report. Well, of course she can't, because she can't sing. For the same reason, I can't get a record deal either - but you don't hear me bitching about it.

Pam's prescription

Remember Pamela Stephenson? She came to the UK from New Zealand via Australia, starred in the hit TV sketch show Not The Nine O'Clock News and later married Billy Connolly. More recently, she's been a celebrity psychologist and sex therapist, and she apparently reckons some women cut their hair short to deliberately make themselves unattractive. This is according to the Daily Mail, which notes that Victoria "Posh" Beckham has short hair - and Stephenson herself does not.

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