Busiest man on the airwaves

Gee, Whippy is getting a whipping. Not only was he the first employee of Brisbane's Nova 1069, he's also the busiest. According to the Nova website, he co-hosts the station's breakfast show, and then is on air solo from 9am to 10pm. Yes, that's a total of 16 hours of work a day, not counting preparation time. When does the man sleep? Mistakes aside, the website makes interesting reading because it seems not to mention the regular breakfast team of Meshel, Ash and Kip (not counting Luttsy, who is reportedly moving on to 4BC) at all. I know they are off air at the moment, but other station networks are still plugging their flagship shows. (And the web page mentions Merrick, Rosso and Kate, who are also off air.) Is something afoot? As I wrote here back on October 18, "I've been saying Meshel Laurie will go back down south for a long time now, and one day I'll be right. I understand there are reasons why one or two of the other presenters might want to move on, too."