Jillian Whiting ousted

Jillian Whiting has quit Channel 9 (choosing her family, of course, as they always do). When asked why she was leaving, Whiting told The Courier-Mail:

"You'll have to ask Channel 9. All I can say is it was a surprise to me but I'm happy with my decision and I'm so ready for a holiday."

News boss Lee Anderson said Whiting had been offered another role in the newsroom (but she presumably declined it).
This keeps the door open for Heather Foord to host Extra next year. But with Andrew Lofthouse also hovering around the corridors of Nine next year, I think there are more announcements to come.
PS: There was also a rumour that Talitha Cummins would leave Seven for Nine. I can't see that being the case, because Seven seems a more stable place to be right now, but anything can happen in tellyland.
PPS: I'm just wondering where all the money is coming from to pay these people (or pay them out) since Nine is supposedly cash-strapped. Maybe that's why Bruce Paige is still there - they can't afford to retire him! (That's a joke, OK?)