Sergeant resigns his commission

It may just be a welcome distraction from the economic woes, but the biggest issue in the UK right now concerns former political journalist John Sergeant, who has quit the show Strictly Come Dancing (similar to the Australian show Dancing with the Stars). Sergeant's deliberately bad performances have endeared him to viewers but angered judges who haven't been able to vote him off because his high public vote has made him immune from eviction. The latest is that the BBC will now have to refund viewers who paid to vote for Sergeant after his decision to leave. Angry viewers have said the popular 64 year old was hounded out by the judges, and have threatened a boycott of the show. The bigger issue, of course, concerns all "reality" shows and the uneasy relationship between viewers' votes and the opinions of an "expert" panel. If people pay a premium to phone in and have their say, who are the judges to try to overturn their verdict? And, as Sergeant himself said, the show is about providing entertainment, not who is the best dancer.
PS: Older celebrities, including Cilla Black, have signalled their support for Sergeant. Even a Cabinet minister, Lord Mandelson, has weighed in to the debate, saying "John Sergeant should not bow out. He has become the people's John Travolta. He should be a fighter, not a quitter."