The usual disclosures

Brett Debritz wishes to declare that he:
+ Is a former employee of Queensland Newspapers, publisher of The Sunday Mail, Brisbane News and The Courier-Mail, and also worked for The Western Star, The Gatton Star andThe Queensland Graingrower (Toowoomba); The Queensland Times (Ipswich); The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton); The Daily Mirror (Sydney); The Daily Sun, the Sunday Sun, The Sun and The Sunday Telegraph (Brisbane); Goodhead Publishing (no kidding) and The News of the World (UK) . He also briefly co-owned and edited a street magazine called Brisbane Accent, contributed to Semper, RV, The Bug and The National Times, and edited both a deliberately humorous student publication called Beat Up and an unintentionally humorous student publication called Vox.
+ Previously had regular segments on the breakfast shows on radio stations 4BC and B105, until they separately decided they no longer required his services. He will make no comment about the ratings fortunes of these stations nor any possible connection with his absence from their airwaves.
+ Has also on various occasions been heard on 4KQ, 4RPH and ABC Coast FM, and been seen on Channel 9's Extra program. A long, long time ago, he appeared on Channel 7's Wombat program. As far as he can recall has yet to be seen on Channel 10, SBS or ABC TV, nor has he been heard on Triple M, 97.3FM or Nova 106.9. He believes this to be their loss.
+ Is still heard as a semi-regular guest on Spencer Howson's 612 ABC breakfast program, which is doing very well in the ratings thank you very much.
+ Is a former part-time employee of ABC News Online.
+ Once tried, but failed, to write a book with and about Jamie Dunn.
+ Is unable to play a musical instrument of any kind, with the possible exception of the drums.
+ Is available for conventions, birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions.

Last updated: July 23, 2008.