And the nominees are

You can read the list of TV Week Logie Award nominees here, so I won't bother repeating it. Here's a few highlights, though:
+ Chris Lilley has been named winner of the Gold Logie, but they've padded out the nominees' list with seven other names, including that of former prime minister John Howard. (Surely it can't be the All Saints actor John Howard, can it?)
+ Bindi Irwin is in the running for the inaugural Child Exploitation Award. Sorry that's a typo, it should read: Most Popular New Female Talent.
+ Two different programs both called The Footy Show have been nominated in the same category in a bid to confuse the easily confused voters who like watching men in dresses and pretending it's really all about sport.
+ Sea Patrol has not been nominated in the Most Popular Drama category. Somebody's going to get thrown overboard.
+ The Chasers War on Everything has been nominated for a couple of awards, even though the cast will be banned from the ceremony.