Heath Ledger: the final word

Cry for Heath's daughter
Cry for his parents. Cry for Michelle Williams.
But don't cry for Heath.

So writes Andrea Peyser in what news.com.au calls a vile attack*. Is it so vile, I wonder? Peyser says Ledger was selfish to overdose; to take so many pills when he knew people loved him and relied on him. She also points the finger at the people close to Ledger, saying it was clear he was in trouble with drugs and alcohol yet nobody did anything to help him, and at the celebs who threatened consequences to an TV entertainment show if they screened damning two-year-old video of him. Maybe it's wrong to pass judgement when nobody knows what really happened in the immediate lead-up to Ledger's death. But, in a general sense, when thinking about people who opt out of life despite having perfect physical health and many responsibilities (and I'm also thinking of Michael Hutchence and thousands of non-celebs here) - and when it comes to the entertainment industry's at-best blind-eye approach to rampant drug abuse - maybe Peyser is right.
* Update: the wording on the news.com.au story has been changed since I wrote this. The column, no longer a "vile attack", is now said to have "sparked controversy".