Jamie comes home

Jamie Dunn is back on the air in Brisbane, with 4BC, where he says he'll address the serious issues. To do well, Dunn will have to win listeners from Triple M, where his former colleague Ian Skippen captains The Cage, and 612 ABC, both of which draw the older listeners BC covets. Dunn may also pull some listeners from 97.3FM, 4KQ, 4BH and even his old station, B105, although its likely that all his old fans have already defected the youth-oriented station. Also of interest to channel hoppers this week is the fact that husband and wife Stav and Katrina Davidson will be squaring off against each other (and Dunn) in the breakfast shift. Katrina is keeping Spencer Howson's seat warm at 612 ABC for one more week while Stav (real name: Stewart) is a permanent part of the B105 breakfast team.
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