This website is no more

It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace ... it's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisibile. This is an ex-website.
This, however, is a live website.

Radio ratings

My take on the first radio survey for 2009 is here: This site is closing, and future reports will be at

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... radio, TV and other showbiz news and gossip? It's now at!

Thank you and good night

Showbritz is taking its final bow. As I am now based in the UK, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep in touch with arts and entertainment news in Australia and to devote the time necessary to keep this blog ticking over. I will, however, continue to update the Celebrity Deaths Archive and my personal blog at, which will include some of the material formerly posted here as part of a general makeover that will begin soon. I'll also be updating my status at Twitter, and I have plans for further online adventures. If you want updates from me, drop me an email using the Feedback link. Include your address and I'll add you to my mailing list.
My sincere thanks to the many thousands of people who have visited Showbritz both here in the past year and at before that. It's been fun, but it's time to move on.
- Brett Debritz

Jamie comes home

Jamie Dunn is back on the air in Brisbane, with 4BC, where he says he'll address the serious issues. To do well, Dunn will have to win listeners from Triple M, where his former colleague Ian Skippen captains The Cage, and 612 ABC, both of which draw the older listeners BC covets. Dunn may also pull some listeners from 97.3FM, 4KQ, 4BH and even his old station, B105, although its likely that all his old fans have already defected the youth-oriented station. Also of interest to channel hoppers this week is the fact that husband and wife Stav and Katrina Davidson will be squaring off against each other (and Dunn) in the breakfast shift. Katrina is keeping Spencer Howson's seat warm at 612 ABC for one more week while Stav (real name: Stewart) is a permanent part of the B105 breakfast team.
Usual disclosure applies

Suddenly successful

Making a Difference, a single from the new musical Suddenly Single by Brisbane's Peter Pinne and Paul Dellit, is for sale at Middle 8 Music. It features vocals by tenor Greg Moore. Surely a premiere production of the show itself can't be far away? Of course, if Brisbane had more than the one suitable venue (which is now closed for renovations), such a thing might be possible in the work's home state...

Matt Smith: Who's that man?

The new Doctor Who is Matt Smith. At 26, Smith is the youngest ever actor to pilot the Tardis. Until the announcement, Casualty star Paterson Joseph was the runaway favourite with the bookies, who tipped him to be the first black actor in the coveted TV role. The good news is that Smith is an experienced stage actor and, apparently, behaves older than he actually is (a handy attribute for a very old Time Lord in a young man's body). More here.

Quick predictions

I had intended to write a long, thoughtful analysis of trends for the year ahead. However, I am stuck in a McDonald's with about half an hour of paid internet access and an overflowing inbox to contend with, so here are some quick predictions for the year ahead:
+ The top box office hits of 2009 will be "feelgood", action and comedy films, few of them starring the big names of the past decade or two. Some celebs will have to take big pay cuts, retreat into character roles, or disappear from the screens altogether - and the world will be a better place for it.
+ There will be some surprises in the world of radio, especially in the Brisbane market. (More on this in coming weeks). Nationally, with the introduction of digital radio, there will be an homogenisation of listening, rather than the genuine choice the technology could offer.
+ At least one Australian commercial television network will go broke, teeter on the brink or be taken over (again) or bailed out, marking the official beginning of the long but terminal decline of free-to-air TV in favour of paid and/or online options.
+ Regardless of the success or otherwise of Eddie McGuire's new TV show, he will be worth more than the Nine Network by the end of this year.
+ One or more long-established Australian newspapers, probably regional titles to begin with, will cease print production altogether. However, newspapers that adapt to changing circumstances - especially those that identify the niches they can fill and celebrate journalistic instinct - will survive for many years to come.

... and a happy new year

to you all (several thousand at last count, or just a few with big blisters on your mouse fingers). Thanks for visiting; normal service will be resumed in the second or third week of January.

Luttsy and Danny: The latest

The latest word from radioland in Brisbane is that David "Luttsy" Lutteral isn't leaving Nova 1069 after all, he just won't be on the breakfast show so much. I hear he also wants to spend time in LA working on his tan or film/TV career (look how well that's turned out for Rove McManus). Also, I've been told that former 4BC stalwart Danny Hoyland - who, as one contributor to this blog noted, "tests" very well with audiences in a certain demographic - will be returning to the airwaves on the weekends, but not on the FM frequency. I wonder if it's in some way connected with Danny's passion for surf lifesaving?

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